Life Groups

Life Group Mondays at 6:30

This diverse group studies a variety of materials ranging from books to seasonal studies. In the past, they have studied Experiencing God, Why I Am A United Methodist, and N.T. Wright's book on Paul. 

For more information call Wendy Doty at 912-681-3213

Life Group  Tuesdays at 6:30

This group meets to discuss a variety books and studies ranging from Andy Stanley to Donald Miller. This is a group that loves to eat, discuss and grow.

For more information call Earl Cashon at 912-839-2161

Life Group  Tuesdays at 5:30

This group is led by Kim and Damon Bland who are our missionaries to the Dominican Republic.  This group focuses on scripture, meaning, and applying God's Word to our lives. 

For more information call Kim or Damon Bland at 912-687-1657

Starting Point

Are you interested in becoming a member at Pittman Park? 

Join us for Starting Point to get to know Pittman Park better and to explore church membership. 

Starting Point is a two hour class offered six times per year. 

It's a great way to connect with the church's leadership and vision, 

and meet others who are considering membership at Pittman Park. 

Upcoming Starting Point Dates:

January 8, 2017

Child care will be provided.

Sign up by calling the church office (912) – 681-3213 or filling out the form HERE

Pittman Park University

Pittman Park University is a series of short-term studies led by the pastors and members of Pittman Park. In addition to growing in your faith, these studies are a great way to experience community and find a place at Pittman Park.

Current Studies:

Since 1987, Disciple Bible Study has reached nearly 3 million people worldwide, introducing the grand sweep of Scripture in a 34-week format. 

Now Disciple Fast Track maintains the integrity and principles of the original study, but its modifications can better meet the needs of a hectic world. Participants still receive a thorough introduction to the Bible, but in almost a third less time. 

Fast Track is not a replacement for the original; it is simply a practical option.

Adult Sunday School

Faith Meets Life  

Our class meets Sunday mornings from 10-10:45 a.m. in the Conference Room. 

We are ages 40-70s and emphasize studying current issues and the role of church in religion. 

The group chooses the study and we use rotational teaching.

For additional information please contact Jane Hill at 912-764-4972.

Fellowship Class  

The Fellowship Sunday School Class is a group of couples and singles, aging from Fifty and beyond, 

who gather each Sunday morning at 10 a.m. in the church Parlor (the building adjacent to the Chapel).

The class discusses the Bible and scripture, as related through a Sunday School lesson book. 

"Fellowship" truly describes this Class of warm and loving Christians.

For additional information please contact Fay and Buck Williams.

Henderson Class 

The Henderson Class is an older adult Sunday School class (50+) that meets every

Sunday morning from 10-10:45 a.m. in the Pittman Park Chapel. 

The class operates under a rotation teacher schedule with 4 teachers, and features The International Bible Study curriculum. 

The group meets for lunch on the first Friday of every month.

For additional information please contact Jackie Smith at 912-865-2228.

Homebuilders Class  

The Homebuilders Class is a Sunday School class that focuses on families, 

whether they be of the traditional two-parent variety or the very common single-parent variety, 

as well as those who have yet to start a family. 

Everyday life hits us from all angles and often brings trials and obstacles that can either

be overwhelming to us or tools of our own growth. 

The class picks the different topics to study in these areas that affect the home setting

and then tackles the issues with open minds. 

It is open to all who are interested in learning to live their lives by God's word in today's challenging world. 

Though we enjoy social functions off site, the class meets at 10:00 am on Sunday Mornings in the classroom marked Homebuilders. 

For additional information, please contact Chuck Sullenger at 

Lagniappe Class

Lagniappe is the newest adult Sunday School class at Pittman Park. 

It is composed mostly of (should we say) "almost mature" adults from the late-30s on up. 

Led by retired pastor and current adjunct history professor Bob Townsend, the class deals primarily in Biblical studies. 

However, other topics of interest are explored on an "as-needed" basis. 

In the past we have delved into the roots and causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict and into the medical, legal, 

ethical and religious aspects of various end-of-life issues being faced by many in our society. 

Lectionary Class 

This Sunday School class meets from 10-10:45 a.m. 

We enjoy open discussion on Scripture chosen from the week's Lectionary readings by the lesson leader. 

(The Lectionary is a published 3-year cycle of verses, each week highlighting an

Old Testament, Psalm, Gospel and Letters selection. 

The table is arranged to follow the Christian calendar as to complement worship.) 

Weekly attendance ranges from 12 to 20 members of various ages. 

Some of us are new to Pittman Park, others new to Methodism, but most of us learn something from each other every Sunday. 

As the selected material varies each week, it's easy to join the class at any time and not feel others are better prepared to participate. 

For additional information, please contact Phyllis Thompson at 912-531-0534. 

ReDiscover Class

Rediscover is a Sunday school class for adults looking at current events through a Christian perspective. We use a variety of sources including video series, internet videos, and articles. For more information contact Kelley Mikell or on our Facebook page 

Woody Powell Class 

This Sunday School group meets at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings in the Woody Powell class room. 

We focus on growth in Christianity for an experienced mature age group. 

For additional information, please contact Jack Williamson at 912-687-0368.