If you haven’t met Dan and Miriam Hagan yet, you probably will soon. They faithfully attend the Lectionary Sunday School Class each week, they hosted a pool party for Park Students earlier this summer, and they are involved in several other ministries and groups. If you attend the traditional service, you might recognize Dan from his presence in the choir or his occasional leading of the morning prayer time. If you attend the Grilled Cheese group, Woody Powell prayer group, XYZ meetings, or Chancel Choir, you know Dan pretty well, and you may know Miriam from the United Methodist Women’s meetings. What you may not know is that they have a son who is the pastor at Statesboro First UMC in Statesboro. We asked them a few questions to see if we could dig up any other new info:

Q. How long have you attended Pittman Park?
A. We have been members since 1980!

Q. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
A. We had a dog who has earned her wings and is no longer with us. Her name was Princess Leah of Scottkirk (named for sons Scott and Kirk).

Q. What is your superpower?
A. Dan loves to employ lessons learned from the six-legged creatures that we find in our world. He loves to spend time looking at insects and identifying them. It’s the result of his career as a Biology Professor Emeritus. Miriam has managed multi-million-dollar budgets as the retired Director of Administrative Services for the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church.