International Missions

Dominican Republic

Medical Mission Work

Medical Missions at Pittman Park UMC officially began in 1979 with two dentists, a physician and a nurse along with a Bible School team and a Construction Team to Belize. However, once the team arrived, we were not able to do any medical/dental work because of rules from the government. The medical/dental team became great painters, teachers, and roofers. The following year, our physician was able to join a group from Savannah to Haiti for the next 5 years. From 1986 -1989, our physician and several other church members joined with Valdosta Cornerstone, Park Avenue and First UMC to Haiti for week long medical/dental clinics. In 1990, Haiti’s dictator was overthrown and it became unsafe for teams to go to Haiti. The vision did not die.

In 1987-88, Pittman Park sent its first medical/dental teams to Guatemala and Panama. On the Panama trip, we organized local medical/dental teams to weekend clinics at a Hispanic UMC in Cedar Crossing, GA. Our first trip to Baharona, Dominican Republic was a District Team with members from all over the Statesboro District. The DR became our yearly International Trip until 2007 until the government stabilized enough for us to continue our efforts in Haiti where we were able to continue until 2018 when it again became unsafe for teams to travel.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Mobile Medical Teams began again. Haiti was unsafe, so we joined Big Hope, Waynesboro First, and Greensboro Church back to Barahona, DR. We reunited with many of our old friends and patients from the past.

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Recent medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic have focused on providing medical care to nearly 1,000 residents by setting up temporary clinics in the area of Barahona, including Batey 7, Batey 8, Batey 9, Batey 2, Las Robles, and an orphanage in Barahona.

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Big Hope Bearden Ministries

For medical mission trips to the D.R., Pittman Park UMC partners with Big Hope Bearden Ministries in Waynesboro, Georgia and their contacts with the Iglesia Evangélica Dominicana.

Photos from Summer 2023


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Church connections in Mityana

Through Anne Bosarge and Digital Discipleship, Pittman Park was introduced to a remarkable family in Mityana, Uganda. The six family members were Wilson, age 5, Derrick, age 7, Kevin, age 8, Enock, age 10, Edith, age 12 and Frank, age 20. They had been orphaned since 2018 when Frank was 16 and Wilson was just 1. Frank has kept the family together for the past four years, despite loosing their house.

In 2020, Frank began participating in the new Chapel Online community, and the community was able to help them secure sponsorship so the children could all attend school. But the family was in need of a place to live.

In December 2022, Pittman Park helped fund the construction of a new house for the family. After it was completed, Frank began hosting a house church, and Pittman Park maintains their connection with this special congregation.

In July 2024, three Pittman Park members will travel to Uganda with Digital Discipleship.


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Digital Discipleship

Pittman Park works with Digital Discipleship to support ministry work in Uganda.