This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and we are excited to celebrate with you!

One of the things I’m quick to remember each Mother’s Day is the role my mother, and the community of mothers in and outside of my family, played in raising me and growing my faith.  I can remember my mom praying with my brother and I before we went to bed. I can remember her commitment to the church, being present with us each Sunday, and how she invested in us and our faith. I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mother’s love and grace in my life.

Still, there are other mothers who helped raise me, invested in me, and prayed for me. I’m reminded of Mrs. Jarrell and how she constantly invited my Sunday School class and me to read the Bible and grow as believers. Mrs. Estes who lived her faith out in our elementary school and helped so many of us learn to love and appreciate art. Mrs. Nahikian and Mrs. Yackel who led our small youth group for years—helping to raise up no less than 6 ordained ministers. There are countless others who helped form me and I know this is true for you as well.

So, as we gather for worship this Sunday, let’s thank God for all the mothers who raised us, shaped us, and formed us.

God bless,
Jonathan Smith
For Jesus. For People. For Community.