Members and friends of Pittman Park,

It has been awhile since I have posted an update, that’s largely because there has not been much development in the last few months related to the future and direction of the United Methodist Church since our last Annual Conference Session.  However, next week Jurisdictions and Central Conferences will gather to conference for the purpose of electing bishops across our denomination.

Our Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference will be held at Lake Junaluska, NC from November 2-4, 2022.  I am asking for you to be in prayer for our delegation to the Jurisdictional Conference which is composed of five lay and six clergy delegates.

Lay Delegates

To Jurisdictional Conference

Clergy Delegates

To Jurisdictional Conference

Bill Hatcher Rev. Robert Beckum – Head of Delegation
Richard Shinhoster Rev. Doreen Smalls
Brenda Adams Dr. Scott Hagan
Chuck Coward Rev. David Thompson
Steve Rumford Rev. Scott Tucker
Rev. Alaina Harrison

These individuals will represent us at the Jurisdictional Conference and will play an integral role in the selection new bishops and the bishop who will be appointed to lead us. Pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to be present with all of the delegates from our Southeastern  and for a spirit of cooperation, kindness, and peace to be present throughout the deliberations.

If you are interested in learning more about our Jurisdiction or the Jurisdictional Conference you can go to You can also watch the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference by clicking here and view the Advanced Daily Christian Advocate, this document contains information about the conference itself, reports,  and recommendations for action by the Jurisdictional Conference. As well as a slate of Episcopal Nominees—it is important to note that every elder in good standing is eligible to be elected bishop as long as they are able to serve a full term (4 years) before reaching retirement age at 72. You can click here to learn more about how bishops are selected by clicking here.

Thank you for your partnering in prayer during this crucial time in the life of our Church, Conference, Jurisdiction, and Denomination. As always, if you’d like to talk more about Pittman Park, the South Georgia Annual Conference, the Southeastern Jurisdiction, or The United Methodist Church, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

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God bless,

Jonathan Smith

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