Most Sunday mornings, you can find Amy Wallace sitting near the Park Kids check-in desk, ready to welcome our infants and toddlers. She works at Pittman Park’s childcare center, PPEC (Pittman Park Education Center), during the week and runs the church nursery on Sundays. We asked Amy a few questions to help people get to know her:

Q: What is your history with Pittman Park?
A: I grew up in this church. I love this church. This church was my parents’ village when we were growing up.

Q: What is your favorite Pittman Park memory?
A: I loved my youth group. We did everything together, and I still keep in touch with most of them.

Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person?
A: I love all the animals.

Q: What is your super power?
A: Sleeping. I can sleep anywhere through anything.