Even if they don’t know Hannah Weaver, many church members at least know someone in the Weaver family. Hannah is the youngest of four children who all grew up at Pittman Park. Her mother, Wendy has lead bible studies over the years, and her older brother, Ian, works on the AV team for the traditional service each Sunday. Hannah also works on the AV team, managing the service live stream. You may also see her serving at the church during the week attending to behind-the-scenes tasks as one of a two-person building steward team. Hannah is finishing up her senior year and is active with the Park Students youth group. Before she leaves us for college in West Virginia, we caught up with Hannah to ask her some questions.

What is your favorite memory at Pittman Park?
My favorite memory would have to be when the youth did a lock-in, and the fun games we would always play.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I am most definitely a dog person, but I love cats too!! I have a cat named Kimberly.

What is your superpower?
My superpower is being open to new opportunities! That’s where I got my variety of skills and hobbies, like playing video games, art, theater, glass making, reading, and listening to music.