This Saturday, August 20, 2022 a special session of the South Georgia Annual Conference will be held to ratify the decision of 61 churches to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church.  I ask for you to be in prayer for these churches and for our Annual Conference as we navigate forward into the future.  Especially, be in prayer for our church as we begin talking about where our denomination, conference, and church are and are headed. For the list of conversation dates click here.

For more information regarding the Called Annual Conference Session click here.

The Resolution Approving Disaffiliation of Local Churches can be seen by following this link:

Coastal District


Central District


Northeast District


Northwest District


South Central District


Southwest District


Bethesda Andrew Adrian Bethel Adel Calvary
Folkston Bonaire Alston Dixon Alapaha Centennial
Gateway Dexter Charlotte Roberta Buelah Christ
Kingsland Dudley Ellis Chapel Shellman Brookfield Doerun
Mt. Olivet Forest Hills Glennville Trinity Enigma Ebenezer
Odum Haddock Grace Union Lone Hill Hatley
Screven Harvest Harmony Pearson Metcalfe
The Chapel Sunshine Hopwell Sparks Mt. Zion
Keas St. John’s Peavy
Nevils Willacoochee Weeks Chapel
Oak Park Whigham
Poplar Springs
Union (Evans)
Vidalia First

A few statistics to share regarding churches that are disaffiliating:

  • The average worship attendance across these churches is 60.6338
  • Average attendance with the three largest churches removed (Harvest, The Chapel, Gateway which have 500+ in worship) is 36.1379.


  • 4 Large Churches Are Disaffiliating (Over 200 Average Worship Attendance)
  • 4 Medium Churches Are Disaffiliating (50 to 199 Average Worship Attendance)
  • 53 Small Churches (less than 50 Average Worship Attendance)
    • Of the 53 small churches 33 have less than 25 in worship on average

All statistics referenced here are from

Interested in continuing the conversation? If you, or a group you are a part of, would like to schedule a time to talk more about our church, our denomination, or the future, please reach out to [email protected] or call 912-678-5631. Other resources can be accessed on our website