One of my favorite moments in our ministry together was on May 21, 2023. As the Offertory Hymn “My Hope Is Built” was sung, the church came forward to pledge toward the Our Hope Is Built capital campaign (you can watch this powerful moment from our 11:00 worship here). As you may remember, the goal of the campaign was to repair and upgrade our church facilities, not just for this generation but for generations to come. It was so inspiring to see our church commit together.

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This past week marked a major milestone for the Our Hope Is Built capital campaign. We have completed all the repairs and improvements slated for the project! Our stained glass throughout the church has been repaired, soldered, recemented, and their frames have been painted, new flooring and LED lighting has been installed in the Fellowship Hall, and 3 new AED devices have been placed in our buildings. This is a moment to celebrate! Our buildings and spaces have never looked better!

Thank you to our church leadership, trustees, the XYZ group, and the many others who have donated time, labor, and expertise to see these projects through, and thank you to each of you who committed to make our campaign possible.

As for funding the Our Hope Is Built campaign, in the six months since the campaign began, we have collected $105,204.27 and are $17,171.97 away from paying off the project in its entirety! Thank you to all who have donated to make this campaign so successful, and let’s each commit to going the extra mile to pay off the campaign.

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I’m proud to be a part of a church that is so generous, kind, and willing to work to make a difference. These improvements are an investment in our future and help us to continue to be a church that is building a faith-filled community to transform our community for Christ.