One of my favorite Marvel comic books was a series called “What If…?” In these comics, the writers of my favorite Marvel heroes got to consider how each character’s story arc would have played out if different choices were made or if the characters were placed in different circumstances. This series helped young readers like me consider pertinent questions such as, “What If Captain America Never Gets Frozen?” What If Spider-Man Doesn’t Fight Crime?” and “What If The Fantastic Four Have No Powers?” These are important questions right?!

While those are silly examples, we all grapple with “What If…?” questions don’t we? Often, we approach our “What Ifs…” in life from the perspective of regret. What if I had worked a little harder? What if I had chosen a different major? What if things had gone differently? Friends, we can’t change our past, and spending time ruminating on the “What ifs…” from back then will only leave us tired and frustrated. We can spin our wheels wondering if things might have turned out differently and ignore the opportunities to live and thrive today.

We also often approach the “What ifs…” in life from the perspective of fear. What if I lose my job? What if I fail my family? What if I hurt myself or someone else? What if the worst thing did happen? These “What ifs…” threaten to leave us paralyzed by fear. These “What Ifs…” stifle our growth and trust as followers of Jesus.

But what if the “what if” question wasn’t as much about frustration and fear, but about possibility? What if God desires us to approach life from the perspective of possibility and potential instead of frustration and fear? Perhaps, then God could use us in ways we’ve never known or experienced before

This Sunday during worship, we kick of a new sermon series called, “What If…” and I’m excited for you to join us as we explore the possibilities that God has put before us individually and together as God’s people. This series will also include opportunities for us to explore new areas of service and to commit ourselves and our resources to seeing how God will move among us and in our community in 2024 and beyond! I hope you’ll join us!

God bless,
Jonathan Smith
For Jesus. For People. For Community.
For Possibility.

Serve Sunday is September 10
Serve Sunday is a chance for you to find your place to serve here at Pittman Park. After each of our worship services we will have leaders representing different areas where you can use your skills, talents, time, and abilities to help make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Make plans to join us to find your place to serve!

Commitment Sunday is September 24
On Commitment Sunday we make our annual financial pledges toward the mission and ministry of the church. It’s a time to consider how God is calling us to invest in God’s Kingdom and Mission through Pittman Park.