Friends, we are having a great start to the fall! We’ve had great crowds for Open Table! We have nearly 40 people taking Disciple I on Wednesday and Sunday nights! Our choir and handbells are growing and have welcomed new members! Our youth and children’s ministries are growing and welcoming new children to Pittman Park! Not to mention how great our Sunday morning worship has been so far this fall!

Friends, you are doing a great job of welcoming people to our church! But we need to take another step, we need to not only welcome people, but need to help them to belong.  Welcoming someone usually happens once, but helping people feel a sense of belonging requires us to walk beside them in faith and in life.

I believe that a deep sense of belonging is essential in helping people connect with Christ and with the church. When we feel like we belong, we open ourselves to new opportunities for vulnerability, life-change, and spiritual awakening.

So, take just a moment to think about how you are helping our guests feel a sense of belonging here at Pittman Park. I encourage you to invite guests to join you at Open Table, or Sunday School, to volunteer with you at the Fair, or serve with you, or even to get together for coffee during the week. By taking that next step we will not only be a welcoming church, but a church that helps people belong.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help make a difference for God’s Kingdom right here in Statesboro. Thank you for welcoming people. Thank you for all of the ways you will help those who come through the doors of our church belong to the Body of Christ here at Pittman Park.

God bless,

Jonathan Smith

For Jesus. For People. For Community.