This week has been an amazing week of preparation for Christmas! On Sunday, our Chancel and Children’s choirs treated us to an incredible night of music at the Christmas Cantata Concert. Last night, we had a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and fun at Christmas at the Park! Both events invited our community to come and experience the story, beauty, and celebration of Christmas, as well as the wonderful community here at Pittman Park. I hope you got a chance to join in the Christmas festivities, to laugh, to wonder, and to be blessed.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks is new faces serving in new places. It is so exciting to see our church not only embracing people as they come for worship and community but also helping them find a place to take ownership and responsibility in the life of the church. As a pastor, having everyone find a place to serve is a blessing and a sign of our church’s health and vitality.

Seeing each of you offer your gifts and service to the church reminds me of a Christmas song: The Little Drummer Boy. In the song, the shepherds are offering gifts to the baby Jesus, and the little drummer boy thinks that he has nothing to offer. The song even says, “No gift to bring/that’s fit for a King.” Rather than walk away, the little drummer boy offers the gift he has—he plays his drum for the child. The baby smiles, the animals keep time, and this little boy blesses Jesus with what he has.

Friends, when we offer our gifts and our service to God, Jesus smiles at us. Finding our place to serve, a place to share our gifts is a blessing not only to the world but to us as well. So this Christmas, in the midst of the preparations and celebrations, find a place to serve and bless Jesus by giving of yourself.

God bless,
Jonathan Smith
For Jesus. For People. For Community.