…from Pastor Jonathan

This week Pittman Park lost one of its ministers and founding members. Rev. Dr. Remer “Brad” Brady guided our church from 1995-2000.  During Brad’s time at Pittman Park helped us build a fellowship hall and establish missions around the world. Brad was not only a gift to Pittman Park, but to our conference and connection as well.  Throughout his life Brad helped to guide and build the ministries of the South Georgia Conference, the Southeastern Jurisdiction, and the United Methodist Church.  We were blessed to have known him not only as a pastor and leader, but as a member as well. Over the past few months Brad has joined us in worship and fellowship and I hope that you had a chance to meet him.

On a personal note, Brad has been one of the most welcoming and encouraging people to me in my ministry.  Any time Brad and I were in a meeting together he made me feel included and valued my voice. He encouraged me in my preaching and always had a book or a new idea to share. I know that I am not alone in having felt this way, there are countless clergy across our conference who knew Brad both as a mentor and a friend.

So, what? (That was one of Brad’s favorite questions to ask after a sermon). What should we take away from our knowing Brad?  Here are a few things that Brad has impressed upon me.

  • Be An Includer – There is room for everyone at God’s table of grace. When we make room for others, we are also making room for Jesus’ presence among us.
  • Be An Encourager – Never grow tired of telling those around you, “Good job.” You don’t know what people are going through and what a good word or a thank you note might mean to them.
  • Tell The Truth – Another way to say this is, “don’t be afraid to have a hard conversation.” It’s ok to share hard truths with people, if you do so with kindness and humility.
  • Share The Gospel, Both With Your Words And Actions – I don’t think I’ve ever heard Brad preach a sermon, but I experienced the presence of Christ through him again and again. Strive to be a person who embodies and shares the love of Jesus.

With thankfulness and hope in our Savior, Jesus Christ,

Jonathan Smith

For Jesus. For People. For Community.

View the obituary and tribute wall for Remer Logan “Brad” Brady, III: https://www.dealfuneraldirectors.com/obituary/Remer-BradyIII