…from Pastor Bill

Dear Pittman Park family,

It was August of 2018 when we began thinking of our Wednesday night meals in a different way. With the help of about eight cooking teams, we set out to redefine our gatherings by preparing the meals ourselves. Immediately, participants began to notice the difference not only in the quality of the food, but the whole spirit of the evening. We did not know if the concept would work, but we charged nothing for the meals. In fact, we made it very clear that there would not even be a basket for voluntary donations on Wednesday evenings. Our goal was to find a way to include those who were interested in attending but were not able to afford that meal. This gathering became known as “Open Table”. It has been a wonderful success in every way. The laughter emanating from the kitchen on any given evening is strong evidence that the volunteers enjoy what they are doing. In addition, the hospitality and fellowship around the room during the meal is a beautiful sign of the Spirit’s presence with us.

Of course, Open Table developed into a new ministry. We encouraged those who had been attending the Wednesday night supper to give what they would have been giving, plus add a little extra for someone who couldn’t afford to pay. All of this was voluntary, and anonymous. Sue and I just began adding to our tithe and marking in the memo line on our check to designate extra funds for Open Table. Many of you did the same thing. It was remarkable how this simple concept caught on. By the end of the first year, we were staying well ahead of our food expenses.

I am reminding you of how Open Table works, so that we can continue to make this a successful ministry. For those who are able to give and believe in the concept of Open Table as a ministry to gather all of us lovingly at a weekly meal, let me encourage you to support it with your regular gifts. If you are not able to give at this time, we understand! Please know that you are a blessing to Open Table just by attending! As I said earlier, all of this is confidential. No one knows who is contributing or how much is being given.

You have done a great job of creating an atmosphere where everyone is welcome at Open Table. Let’s recommit ourselves to keeping this a viable ministry at Pittman Park.

Thanks for your help!