Get Ready Pittman Park! VBS Camp is next week!

I can’t wait for us to welcome our children and children from across our community to VBS Camp! VBS Camp is always a major event for our church and for our community and I am excited for the ways our church is coming together to support our children’s ministry. On June 1, we had an army of volunteers come together for Safe Sanctuary training and get their volunteer assignments for the week. There was excitement in the air as we talked about all the ways we are opening our church for children next week including a new opportunity for early drop off to help working parents. And here’s even more to be excited about…we’ve reached capacity for our VBS Camp and have had to start a wait list!

This year’s theme is “Welcome To The Family!” with elements based on the movie Encanto. My hope is that the children and families that enter our halls leave each day knowing that everyone is welcome in the family of God, that everyone has a gift to share with the world, and that everyone is loved by God. What an incredible message to send to the children who will be joining us! Children who, in large part, do not attend our church.

I want to say again, this is a tremendous opportunity for our church! So, I’m asking you to pray!

Pray for the children who come to VBS and will hear the Gospel for the first time.

Pray for the families who come to VBS to feel a warm welcome from our church.

Pray for our volunteers who are giving their time, their talents, and their energy to share their faith with children.

Pray that the lessons learned this week would not just be lessons for our children to hear, but lessons for us to learn as well: everyone is welcome, everyone has a gift, and everyone is loved.

Thank you for being a church that loves our children and our community well!

Jonathan Smith
For Jesus. For People. For Community.