This morning a demolition crew arrived to begin removing the carpet in the fellowship hall. We have all known that this was long past due. The carpet was worn and stained from nearly 25 years of love from basketball games, Wednesday night suppers, youth lock-ins, community meetings, Boy and Girl Scout gatherings, Wesley and CRU worship services, not to mention weddings, garage sales, banquets, and other events that were held in the space. To be honest, we’ve become accustomed to the stains and marks on the floor. We have memories attached to those spots and spills. But those spots and stains and spills cover an incredible treasure.

As you may know, when the fellowship hall was constructed members of our church family wrote prayers and scripture on the underlying cement. It is my hope that as the carpet comes up we can see, once again, the scriptures, names, and prayers that have supported us all these years. Perhaps, we too can add our favorite scriptures, names, and prayers for others to find.

This flooring renovation has also caused me to think about the last 25 years of my life. There’s been a lot of wear there too. I wonder, what is it that needs to be removed in my life that a treasure might be uncovered in my soul? What sins, stains, spills, and spots need to be finally lifted for me to discover again God’s call and purpose for my life? What might be found underneath it all?

Friends, I hope that you’ll take time to look at your own life. Examine the sins, spots, spills, and stains, and then allow God to begin the work of renovating your soul so that God’s glory can shine through you once more. May our hearts and lives be restored in God’s Image once more. Amen.

God bless,
For Jesus. For People. For Community.