…from Pastor Jonathan

Hi Church!

I love that week after week we have been gathering to study the parables of Jesus! They are indeed rich and provocative stories that get us thinking. Amy-Jill Levine in her book “Short Stories by Jesus” reminds us that,

“Jesus told parables because they serve as keys that can unlock the mysteries we face by helping us ask the right questions: how to live in community; how to determine what ultimately matters; how to live the life that God wants us to live. They are Jesus’s way of teaching, and they are remembered to this day not simply because they are in the Christian canon, but because they continue to provoke, challenge, and inspire. Jesus knew that the best teaching concerning how to live, and live abundantly, comes not from spoon-fed data or an answer sheet. Instead, it comes from narratives that remind us of what we already know, but are resistant to recall.”

As we draw near to the end of this series, I hope that you will take some time to read again these provocative stories. Allow them to challenge, convict, and encourage you in your faith, as you consider what really matters, but may be resistant to recall.

My prayer is that throughout this series you have been challenged to consider again what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how following Jesus might bring new transformation to your life, relationships, attitudes, and our world.

God bless,
Jonathan Smith

The Provocative Stories of Jesus

Mark 4: 1 – 9 – “The Inevitable Harvest”
Luke 15: 4 – 10 – “The Searching Shepherd”
Luke 15: 11 – 32 – “Claiming Our Identity”
Matthew 18:23 – 25 – “As We Forgive Our Debtors”
Luke 10: 25 – 37 – “So, Who is My Neighbor?”
Luke 12: 13 – 21 – “Personal Property”
Matthew 20: 1 – 16 – “A Living Wage”
Matthew 22: 1 – 13 – “Fit for a King”
Luke 16: 19 – 31 – “A Sign of God’s Favor”