Welcome to the Family VBS Camp still has one more day left, but I couldn’t wait to share some of the spontaneous delights that have happened this week! My list of highlights includes:

Awesome Park Students Helpers
We had several volunteers from Park Students at VBS Camp, and they were a huge help!

  • Hannah noticed a child who hadn’t had breakfast and discreetly gave her some snacks from the volunteer break room.
  • Avery noticed a child who wasn’t interacting well and took him out of class for one-on-one attention.

Awesome Park Kids Helpers
We only had a few children from Park Kids attending VBS Camp this year, but they represented us well!

  • Jackson took a younger child under his wing and even gave him the raffle prize he had won!
  • Izzie handed out birthday party invitations to everyone in the whole camp!

Construction Crew

  • Our banner decoration was falling down by the end of the first day of camp, and before I could turn around, two church members who weren’t even camp volunteers had a ladder and a drill to ensure it would stay up the rest of the week.

Animal Friends

  • One of our kindergarteners noticed a kitten just outside the door at the beginning of the day Wednesday. Before anyone had a chance to react, she dashed out the door, grabbed the kitten, and brought him inside to the delight of all the campers. We were able to quickly convince the children that the kitten wanted to be outside.
  • The campers were also thrilled when Bekah (our Youth Director) brought her dog to camp–and carried him around in a backpack carrier!

Business Support

  • Wavee Shavee Ice offered to supply all campers, volunteers and parents with free shaved ice cups after camp on Tuesday!
  • Burger King donated a crown for each camper to use in our lesson about Esther–with zero advance notice!

Quotable quotes

  • “He comes back every Easter!” -child excitedly confirming that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead.
  • “He had a baby.” -the response one kindergartener gave every day to our review question about the day’s bible character. (It was true for Abraham, but not so true for Sampson, Elijah, Esther and Zaccheus.)

Talented Labor
So many from our congregation generously gave time and resources and supplies to make VBS Camp happen, but some volunteers were able to directly apply their talents to make VBS Camp really stand out.

  • Dalia supplied authentic Mexican cuisine for snack time, including flan and taquitos!
  • Hayley supplied a hand-painted photo board for campers to put their heads in to pretend to be Bruno and Louisa from Encanto. She also drew Isabella for us to use for a game.
  • Mickey donated enough handmade keychains for each child to get one as a gift.
  • Russ and Sandy, our retired teachers, upgraded their culture and bible lessons with reviews and activities to engage the kids and make each lesson stick.
  • Lisa, a music teacher, was able to coordinate our boomwhacker time into something quite impressive!

That gives you an idea of just SOME of what has been happening at Pittman Park this week. Thank you all for making this possible and praying us through!

Megan Hopkins
La Jefa