12/23 UPDATE: Joshua Boule sent videos documenting construction.

12/9 UPDATE: We are now able to add water and electricity to the house. Lots of progress!
11/25 UPDATE: Construction has begun! We’re halfway to our $6,000 goal!

Through Anne Bosarge and The Chapel Online, Pittman Park has been introduced to a remarkable family in Mityana, Uganda. The six family members are Wilson, age 5, Derrick, age 7, Kevin, age 8, Enock, age 10, Edith, age 12 and Frank, age 20. They have been orphaned since 2018 when Frank was 16 and Wilson was just 1. Frank has kept the family together for the past four years, despite loosing their house.

In 2020, Frank began participating in the new Chapel Online community, and the community was able to help them secure sponsorship through Compassion International and others so the children could all attend school. Frank is at the top of his class at a trade school and is on track to become a certified electrician next year.

Currently, they are living in a three-room home with a friend of their mother’s named Suzan, but the arrangement is not working very well. Suzan was able to give them some family land, and now, with financial support from Pittman Park, this family will be able to build a house of their own. Bosarge says, “I approached Jonathan after being part of your onboarding and hearing your heart for getting back into international missions. Frank and I had been praying about how to get a house funded for him and you guys were on my heart. I think that was God’s voice!”

Photo of white woman and young black man posing with a smile and embrace..

Anne Bosarge poses with Frank during her visit to Mityana in 2021.

Google Satellite map showing the location of Mityana, Uganda in Central Africa between Kenya and the DRC, North of Tanzania and Rwanda

Mityana, Uganda is 43 miles West of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Uganda is in Central Africa between Kenya and the DRC, North of Tanzania and Rwanda.